Self-Love Part 2 continues

With only one more day in this 2 week series, I have one more major topic to discuss. It is very important we add this to our Self-Love chapter. We are all human and we will find ourselves in a place, where we let this one thing get us from getting so many blessings!

I am talking about FORGIVENESS!!!

How can you truly love yourself or anybody without forgiveness? It is very important to understand FORGIVENESS is the key to being blessed in ways you can’t even imagine. So many of us walk around still mad at something that happened years ago. Learn how to forgive yourself and learn how to forgive others.

You probably wondering what does this have to do with SELF-LOVE. Well here it is, some of us are going through something right now, because we will not forgive ourselves. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. The bad choices we have made in the past that has made us embarrassed, lost, confused, hurt, or even mad as hell! FORGIVE yourself! The men/women we have brought into our lives that meant us no good, forgive yourself. The mistake we have made that has had us in a slump for a while, forgive yourself. The shame you have brought to yourself, FORGIVE YOURSELF! The pain that you have allowed someone else to bring to your life, FORGIVE YOURSELF! Forgiving will cause healing and that is apart of self love. We all are human! IF NO ONE ELSE FORGIVE YOU, YOU FORGIVE YOURSELF! Let go of ALL THE HURT THAT IS CAUSING YOU TO NOT LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU SHOULD BE LOVING YOURSELF! Love yourself unconditionally no matter what! You are all you have SOMETIMES in this WORLD! U and GOD!!

Forgive and LET GO!!

1. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself, I forgive you.

2. When was the last time you told yourself, I have to forgive that person for me?

3. When was the last time you asked God to forgive you? Β This is for all the hurt you have caused yourself and for not FORGIVING YOURSELF OR PEOPLE.

Forgive yourself and start over!!

Be blessed and Forgive!!😊😊😘

Lovetsw 😘😘😍

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