Self-Love cont


Today is the day, that you start loving yourself a little bit more than you have. Today is the day, you look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU! Look in that mirror and tell yourself YOU ARE A Beautiful PERSON! Look in that mirror and say, God created me JUST THE WAY HE WANTED ME TO BE! Love on yourself for a couple of minutes in the morning, couple minutes in the afternoon, and right before you go to bed! Send yourself some flowers this week. Go out on a date with just yourself, to a movie, shopping, or something really fun BY YOURSELF! Stop waiting for someone to show you love, when u can give yourself ALL THE LOVE YOU DESIRE!! Self Love is a GREAT LOVE!! ❤️❤️❤️

Lovetsw! XOXO



2 thoughts on “Self-Love cont

  1. I have been wishing someone would send me flowers because I just think it’s sweet and I love flowers ..I think I will take your advice and get myself some flowers..great idea 😘😘

    1. lol that’s right! Don’t wait on nobody do it yourself!!! It will make your day even more special because the person it’s coming from YOU!!! You wouldn’t have to wonder why or if it’s something behind it! It will just be real

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