Self-Love My two week series!

Love is a beautiful thing especially when it’s loving yourself! There is something about loving yourself that allows you to find inner peace in whatever situation you may face. I think as we begin to be on our life’s journey, we tend to lose ourselves. We tend to forget about ourselves by placing others above our needs. We tend to think others will fulfill our needs but they don’t. So we give ourselves EXPECTING they will give us what we need. No-one knows you more than you!!! Complete yourself! Give to yourself! Show others how to give to you by allowing them to follow your example.

This is the first blog post about Self-Love and Self-Worth. I will be talking about over the next two weeks. Feel free to drop your comments.


7 thoughts on “Self-Love My two week series!

  1. PREACH honey!! You have to love yourself first because if you don’t no one will ever understand your worth.

    1. Thanks 😊😊! I definitely think it is something that has to be talked about! So many people lack it you are absolutely right in that! Thanks for the comment 😘😘

  2. Couldn’t have said it better! When you love yourself you truly set the bar for anyone else who tries to love you!

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